Things you should know and consider when buying a rug
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Things you should know and consider when buying a rug

Barry Kenon 2022-07-28 06:14:57

Interior design has been a part of us in one way or the other. It`s the personalization of our space. There goes a lot regarding interior design and décor, from lights and wall paints to wallpaper, furniture, coffee tables, consoles, home textiles, rugs, carpet, and flooring. Interior designers keep a few things in mind while choosing a rug and should consider them when buying a rug for your space. Personalization and function together play a significant role. 


One of the most integral parts of selection is the visual aesthetics, creating its` form, textures, size, and colour palette. Make sure whatever you choose, it doesn`t just gel in the room, but it should also well-groom up the space. As much as aesthetics plays the trick, one thing to remember is that rugs also efficiently organize the area. The rug should be pleasing and should primarily make the place fabulous with its motifs and colours. No matter how beautiful the rug is, it should always be according to YOUR taste. After all, you`re going to live in that space. The interior design philosophy strongly relies on the person`s style and preferences. Never opt for any piece that is all the rage in the world if it doesn`t appeal to you.

Also, experimenting beyond your comfort and acceptance level can land you in a challenging situation. If you prefer subtlety, try not to opt for anything vibrant, totally opposed, and vice versa. 

Appropriate Material

As much as the aesthetics are important, another critical factor to consider is the rug`s material which should be suitable for a specific area. While there are many options, from synthetic machines made to handmade dhurries, handwoven rugs, hand-knotted rugs, jute rugs, flat weave, and whatnot, you need to understand what works best where, along with the sustainability. Invest in pieces that are not only visually pleasing but also functional and have longevity. Of course, you can always weigh the materials` pros and cons, but it depends on how and where you would like to use them. 


These are fabulous buys when it comes to durability. They are not very water penetrable, making them easy to clean even at home. Pocket-friendly, kid, and pet-friendly come in various sizes, designs, and hues. They become a better choice as they don`t let dirt stick to them like synthetic ones.


Rugs curated with this environmentally friendly, renewable source are great when it comes to functional longevity. The biggest catch is that they`re stain resilient to an extent, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and anti-static due to their nature. However, these are rugged and rustic in look but are sure to make a space exquisite. They`re resistant to deterioration, and the material also prevents dust and insects.


Wool has been a prevalent choice for all the right reasons, especially for their durability and endurance. They`re soft and comfy, available in quite a huge range of fast colours and patterns unaffected by stains, and can also hide dirt. What`s interesting is that wool carpets and rugs come in an array of weaves from the plush, loop, or twisted techniques. It can easily last up to a long stretch of more than 12 years if taken with diligent care.   


Cotton rugs are generally preferable because they are easy to use, care and wash and generally not hefty on the pocket compared to their wool and silk counterparts. Available in a wide variety in terms of colours, textures, and designs. They can`t last very long, periods of decades. Rather they can be used to spruce up spaces casually for a few seasons. Though these tend to fade away a bit, they can be used nonetheless and are a perfect choice for layering up with other rugs to style a space. 


Rugs USA stocks various rugs made of different materials, from synthetic, wool, and jute to sisal. Available in different shapes, colours, forms, and techniques such as braided, chevron, fringe, etc., for other areas from the living room, area rugs, carpets, to runners to choose from. Shop and enjoy amazing discounts, along with shipping and delivery options. 

Key Takeaway

In a nutshell, above mentioned are the factors to always keep in mind before buying rugs and styling your space effortlessly. If combined together, suitable material and aesthetics become a win-win hit.